Replace Policy

If the customer says Not Interested or order given to other interior before any conversation start , then we will provide coupons code of same cost , you can buy  new lead in our website . (please report us immediately with the Whats App screenshot or call voice record as proof )

if you brought the lead today, and the customer number is not reachable or no response, will I get a replacement for this lead. For no response and not reachable, we request try to send a message in Whats App and waiting period for 48 hrs. still, its remain same then we will give you new lead at the same cost.(please report us immediately with the Whats App screenshot)

For above mention 2 reasons are eligible for lead replacement


Refund Policy

If u don;t want replace and don’t want to continues our service, then we ill refund 100% of lead amount or any amount in you wallet.

Cancellation Policy

There is no option for cancellation. either you can ask for replace or refund